Our mission statement

Our mission is to establish a competent business that will be involved in the provision of cutting-edge energy efficient services using strategies and tools that will redefine energy efficiency management operations. Through a culture of dedication and robust customer/client support, added to the provision of the best services, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, we will be building a strong brand name that will attract client patronage.

Who is Premier Energy Network?

Premier Energy is a company that provides customers with cost-effective, efficient energy reviewing and monitoring services. We make it our mission to help you maximize your power by using cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Big Data AI while positively impacting the bottom line of your budget.

We’re working with some of the most important businesses in Pennsylvania to help them save money on their energy bills. Our newest product, Eniscope, and Eniscope Air - a suite that connects utility companies through digital networks for real-time updates about operations-we can now provide more solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Any forward thinking company that wishes to take a responsible attitude toward energy consumption and the environment – and save a fortune in the process – can benefit from our our cutting-edge cleantech. Our products are used by the world’s most forward–thinking companies across the globe – including 7-Eleven, Starbucks, KFC and Shell.

Looking for something?

We are all about holistic solutions based approach - for us there is much more than our technologies! Get in touch to find out what is best for you and your business.

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